The Grid

Want to do your part for humanity? Help by pariticipating in today’s largest scientifical projects that require processing power. Without the help of the community who donates the idle processing power of their computer, ideas like clean energy, a cure to cancer, a cure to aids, as well as major scientific breakthroughs that will redefine our understanding of the universe would take tens of years to complete.

But if more people download BOINC (Berkley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing), and join the collective effort to push science forward, even more will be accomplished in even less time.

We live in exponential times. Do your part for the world and give the processing power you do not use!

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3 thoughts on “The Grid

  1. Andrew says:

    I hadn’t heard of Boinc before – your post came up in one of my feeds – I will blog about it and send a thank you back to your original post.

    Many thanks


  2. […] to Leo Sunshine for putting this on our “Radar!” Please […]

  3. Spark says:

    I recommend checking out GridRepublic which is a nonprofit working in collaboration with BOINC to make a simple and easy process to join, discover projects, and manage your commitment and computers all from one website and one login.

    Their website is

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